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Hong Tsae Yi special printing has nearly 30 years experience of making transfer stickers,(Dimensional) nameplates, membrane buttons, flexible printed wiring board, color stickers and so on...., most of stickers can be made by us, from design to products to completion, we have an excellent team. We are innovating and developing all the time for customers ' expectation and requirements. Integrity, enthusiasm is our business principle. For different needs of the various types of products, we try our best and getting better and better, create a win-win situation with our customers.

 Our team got heaps of customers’support and trust, we cooperate with famous foreign companies as well.

★Professional, communication, quick, accurate is our guide.

★Quality and service are our demand. 

★Innovation, customers first is our belief. 


 For higher quality and refined of the products, please do not hesitate to contact us about more details, it is our pleasure to quote for you!!

We accept a small amount of orders as well.

Welcome the every single industry or printing companies cooperate with us.


【Our Service】

Printing Stickers: Color Stickers, Copperplate Stickers, Pearly Stickers, Waterproof Stickers, Bronzing Stickers.
Special Stickers Printing: Customized Stickers, Screen Printing, Laser Stickers, Barcode Stickers and Labels,Nameplate Stickers.

Special Printing:

Non Woven Printing, Nameplates, Metal Nameplates, PC Panels, Mechanical Panels, 2D / 3D Nameplates, Sport Equipment Panels, Matte PC, Glossy PC, Half Matte& Half Glossy PC, Metal Nameplates, Etching Nameplates, Aluminum Nameplate, Flexible Printed Wiring Board.


  數位印刷乃利用數位資料作為印刷的數據資料,將印刷的圖案或文字利用電腦運算處理,可輸出多達七色,包括專色和白色;有快速打樣、品質細膩、節省製版成本和少量多樣化訂單的特性,能作高質量不乾膠標籤和包裝生產。 虹彩藝數位印刷


  現色優美可利用螢光印墨、表達力強一般而言各版式之 印刷油墨厚度 均不相同,而網版油墨之墨膜覆蓋力最大,可以在深墨之底色中印出白色 來這是其它版式所無法辦到的。另外,由於印墨之墨膜濃厚富有立體的質 感,色彩上也特別具有豔麗之感受。 虹彩藝網版印刷


〔1〕 輪轉機標籤印刷機精美的外觀設計,在提高產品質量的同時,更需 要能傳遞盡可能多產品信息標籤製造精美,有的甚至要求具有藝術 感染力的標籤。
〔2〕 加工方法,從簡單的到復雜,綜合的發展,從一個單一的打印,許 多後處理和後處理集成的印刷方向,印刷,燙金,拋光,鑽孔,切 割和其他進程在網上一次完成。
〔3〕 標籤材料使用,使用的材料,以逐步從紙質薄膜類,特種材料為基 礎的發展,不僅打印出來的標籤更具吸引力,同時也提高標籤防水 防潮性,耐高溫性,耐摩擦性,抗撕裂性等。
〔4〕 標籤輪轉印刷機印刷技術含量增加,主要是在情報和防偽。智能標 籤不僅可以代替條形碼,服務和物流管理中使用,如航空公司的行 李檢查,圖書標籤,停車收費說明等,同時還兼有防偽功能。
〔5〕 彩色標籤輪轉印刷機印刷工藝設計,技術和設計,豐富和精細的多色印刷圖案由單色到簡單的色塊,線條,文字,半色調印刷的發展方向。
虹彩藝輪轉印刷 虹彩藝貼紙印刷